Balancer Cattle

Balancer (Angus X Gelbvieh)

Balancer cattle have been a natural progression of our programs. Our bull buying clients have requested we produce a sire they can use to breed 25% Euro calves in their angus herds. Calving ease has been sensational, and growth and carcass has met breeder expectations. A breeder told me after trialing Balancer calves against straight bred angus he could not afford not to breed balancers.

The Balancer, now a registered breed in Australia is a simple uncomplicated breeding program. Gelbvieh to Angus, Angus to Gelbvieh or Balancer to Balancer. Our Balancer females are now also registered with the Angus multi breed register in our quest for better data.

We, at Excel have combined the best Angus and Gelbvieh have to offer into one of the most complete packages the cattle industry has to offer.

Bulls for sale this year are by Mitty In Focus (super calving ease sire), Concensus 7229 ( 220 grand U.S. super sire ) and SAV Thunderbird. (calving ease, high growth)

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Balancer Weaners
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