Angus Cattle


Our interest in Angus cattle began in 1990 when our 2 sons Nathan and Alex began to show interest in the cattle. The Angus breed had a strong youth movement, the cattle were highly proven performers and there was a ready market for the progeny. Females were purchased from Farrer angus, Calleen angus and D.S.K. studs. Sires used included Trend 315, Ext, 036 and Alberta Traveler 416.

Descendants of these cows are still in the herd today, with sire selection based on producing sires with natural thickness, while still maintaining frame score, and females who are both fertile and functional. Sires previously include Right Time 338, KCF Bennett Performer, Right Way 781, Sitze 458N & SAV Thunderbird and HF Tiger.

2014-2015 Breeding Program

2014 weaner calves are by SAV Thunderbird, Karoo G108, Concensus 7229 and SAV Harvestor

2015 sires use are SAV Harvestor, Millah Murrah Emperor H125, JMB Traction and Deere Valley All In. 80 heifers were bred to SAV Thunderbird and Connealy In Sure.

E.T. calves from our new Donors Aberdeen Estates Princess J9 (TC Aberdeen / Ardrossan Princess W38) by Te Mania Emperor and Murray Equator G57 (Ardrossan A241 / Lawsons A1173) by JMB Traction will also be born in the spring.

New bulls on the horizon for this year's joinings are SAV Ten Speed, Plattemere Weigh Up and perhaps a Barstow Cash. or a Conversion son if they become available for spring use.

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Angus Bulls
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