Angus Bulls
Photos of some of our 2017 sale bulls
Our 2017 sale bulls consist of U.S. sire,s including Summitcrest 2U66, SAV Thunderbird, JMB Traction, Plattmerre Weighup, HF Tiger,      Ellingson Scotchman & Harvestor. The Australia genetics  used are Te Mania Emperor &  Carabar Gunsmoke.
The sires we have used in our Gelbvieh x Angus Hybrid program are Connealy In Sure & Deer Valley All In
XLBeef  Scotsman NVNL2
XLBeef Emperor NVNL21
XLBeef Gunsmoke NVNL23
XLBeef Emperor NVNL24
XLBeef Thunder NVNL25
XLBeef Traction NVNL38
XLBeef Traction NVNL38
XLBeef Traction NVNL70
XLBeef Tiger NVNL75
XLBeef Traction NVNM11
Gelbvieh x Angus Hybrid Bulls
Balancer L3
Balancer  L28
Gelbvieh cow J108 x Connealy In Sure (Angus)
Gelbvieh Bulls
Pure Gelbvieh L86
Gelbvieh F6 x Triple U
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